Monday, 4 August 2008

Show Winners!

Wow! What a day Saturday was. We got up bright and early to get ready for the show. We baked Abbie's pizza very carefully, can you imagine burning it at the last minute? One of the cats nearly knocked Jade's layered chocolate pudding of the kitchen worktop, that wouldn't have gone down well either. We then had to get flowers in wellies, chocolate pudding and pizza to my sister's house. There we picked up her and her entries to take to the show.

When we got there I was pleasantly surprised by the high standard of all the entries. I was a little disappointed that some of the childrens' work looked very 'assisted'. Most of the flower arrangements in wellies were very over done. We had gone for the wild river flowers and cottage garden look. We thought that it suited the wellies better. Anyway we layed everything out and then the tent was closed for judging, so I took my sister home, unfortunately she had to work.

We returned at two o'clock when the tent reopened to see how we had all done. My sister's baby blanket won third in the knitted baby item class, and the Christening jacket she had made for J many years ago, won her first and best in section! The kids did well too, J got a first for her handwriting, and her chocolate pudding, that we had had to top in the car when we got there! A's pizza won second, which was great because some of the pizzas were very good and it was a class up to 11 years. Unfortunately A's cyprus flag collage didn't get placed which I was very disappointed with because it was very good. And neither did the welly flowers. The judges obviously liked the totally over the top 'manufactured' look rather than country flowers. Never mind, you can't force the judges to think the same way as you do, and the kids had fun anyway.

The rest of the show was great with a donkey derby, dog racing, lots of stalls and laser clay pigeon shooting and archery. Unfortunately S had to work Saturday morning and didn't get there until late and most of the good stuff had finished. He was also shattered and didn't really get into the swing of it. I never did find the bale toss, but I don't think he would have had the energy to pick it up let alone hurl it anywhere!! I think I'll take him to the Royal Welsh next year, if that doesn't get him excited I don't know what will!!

I found a couple selling amazingly cute bantams of varying colours and fluffiness and nearly ended up with a whole heap of new birds. But one of my ex-batts is poorly at the moment and I really need to concentrate on her at the moment. I read somewhere that chickens were very addictive, and who ever wrote that comment was right. Although, being champion of the underdog, I think I will probably concentrate on the ex-batts and not get pulled into fancy breeds, it does seem a little unfair when so many birds need the help.

Anyway the show was great, the kids won some prize money, I enjoyed the tug of war, especially when a local stag party did it in their underwear! And the weather was decent enough to stay relatively pleasant for the day. So I think a good day all round.


blogthatmama said...

The Cyprus picture is gorgeous and deserves a prize. Show sounds like great fun, especially the tug-of-war.

GoneBackSouth said...

Love that red welly. Sounds like you had a fab day!

Adventure Togs said...

I've always mean't to enter our village Gardening Club Fete competitions but somehow never seem to make it. Now I know what to do with all those outgrown wellies, they can be turned into vases of flowers for all over the house! Keep up the good work!