Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I'm back!!

Well, I've had a break! But I'm back now, I don't know if I'm refreshed, but I'm back anyway!!
Lots of things have happened, but I won't tell you about them all now, that would take far too long!!

It turns out I don't have Cealiacs after all. What I have got remains a mystery!!

The girls continue to ride, and are now joining pony club. It really is a good deal you know. At the moment I pay £10 each for half an hour's lesson, and £5 each for half an hour stable management. For £22 a year they can join Pony Club (without their own horse) and once a month meet up for the day, ten til four, ride, learn and have fun. They can take riding tests, earn badges, compete and camp!! Ideal if you ask me! Just wish I was under 21, I wanna join! Find out more here.

I have also started riding again, yay!! A lady just down the road from me has three horses, Ippy, Echo and Gayly, that I and lovely girl have been exercising and also I have been riding for a woman locally who has ride and drive horses. Advertising time!! Felicity and her husband John have a beautiful holiday home in a very secluded and beautiful spot in the Welsh countryside. Felicity also runs driving courses, check it out here. Felicity's five year old is a bit fizzy so I accompany her on hacks on her old faithful, Champ, who provides a calming influence to help Archie settle. There is also Belle, a three year old who will be broken to drive this summer and also, hopefully, I will be helping back her too.

This weekend I am hoping to take Gayly on a fun ride, The Llandinam Mountain Event. Weather permitting of course, becaue it really has been quite crap, hasn't it?

Apart from that, well, we have new chicks in the fold after a broody hen got a present of fertile eggs. She hatched seven out of seven, we lost two but the rest are coming on fast.

Sadly we lost Bella, one of the battery hens. But Cinnamon has integrated wonderfully and is now living in the big house with the other girls.

Jedi has been to school camp, and had a wonderful time, abseiling, cayaking, orienteering, caving and a world of other things!!

The cats have been bringing me headless rabbits on a regular basis (eewwww!), I haven't seen my husband in just over a month, oh and I took this cracking pic of Harley;

Nice to be back :)


Janie said...

Good to see you on line again. I'm excited for you to be back in the saddle!
Pony club does sound ideal for your kids. Here we have 4H, also great for learning to ride and take care of horses.

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Glad your back me to absent of postings just toooo much going on and don't know what to post! Love reading yours.

Carolina said...

Well hello there! Great that you are back, both in Blogland and in the saddle. The ponyclub sounds great fun. Is that you on the beautiful horse?

I have emailed you about a month ago to tell you that we have decided to name our foal Eavanaloma, which was one of the names YOU suggested! We call her Evie and she is a very sweet and beautiful foal. Photos of the birth (April 8) and more recent ones are to be found at my blog.
Please mail me your address, so I can send you a little thank you present for giving us the beautiful name ;-)


Stiggy said...

Nice to see you back!


Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

Welcome back!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Stiggy said...

I hope we get to hear more good news this year!