Saturday, 8 May 2010


Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. But I think I'll have another bash. I have quite a few things to keep a tab on at the moment so what better place to do it.

I have developed a definate poultry obsession in recent weeks and there is so much going on! Ever since we moved to Wales I've had a few chooks, but it's now progressed.

I now have quail! I currently have five, i picked up what was meant to be five hens and one cock from my cousin. Sadly I lost one hen and one turned out to be a cock. So I am off to pick up a few more hens tomorrow. This photo is of Dude with three of the girls.

This is Woody, my fab little broody;

She's sitting on Runner Duck eggs! That will hopefully hatch into something like this;

(Photo coutesy of lovely Ebayer from who I purchased my eggs, thank you)

Unfortunately I can't stay away from Ebay and spotted this;

It's a Cayuga Duck

Well I was smitten. I've never seen them before so I called my cousin for some info only to find he has a friend who keeps them! I am picking up some eggs tomorrow when I go for the quail! I'm having to borrow an incubator because mine is full already!

In there are some Black Copper Morans I am hatching for a friend. But also 7 pheasant eggs that my neighbour found. They are fertile but I think the nest had been abandoned and I am not sure if they are still viable. But you have to try!!

So there is a lot going on and the eggcitement starts next weekend when the Runners are due to hatch. So I will try to be good and keep posting.

Nice to be back! Again!


Stiggy said...


Nice to see you back!

What great birds - how do you keep Quails? I have absolutely no idea about hem at all!


Berthddu Suit said...

Hi Stig. I started typing a reply but I have lots to say about the quails so I think I'll do it in a post! Nice to have a fan by the way. :D