Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Cooking up a storm

On Saturday evening Jedi decided she wanted to make pasta bake for tea. Simple enough, but she wanted to make sure she got it right, after all she is only eleven. So she comes into the lounge where me and hubby were watching a bit of telly. Jedi was asking a few questions on the best dish to cook it in and how to go about it. Then she asked;

"Should I cook the pasta first?"

"What did you just say?" says Hubby in a shocked and rather angry voice. Me and Jedi looked at eachother, puzzled.

"I said; should I cook the pasta first?"

"Oh" replies Hubby, sheepishly.

"What on earth did you think she said" I asked

"Should I cook the bastard first?!"he muttered.

I don't think I have been laughing enough lately because this kept me going all night. Every so often I would remember the conversation and burst into childish and uncontrollable giggles. It is still making me snigger now!


Adventure Mother said...

This is the sort of thing that sends me into fits of giggles too! You are not alone!

Eliane said...

Nice one!

We recently had an American friend to stay who misheard when told the name for steers in this country. He looked a bit surprised but too polite to say anything immediately so I didn't find out until later that he'd thought we called them "bollocks" not "bullocks"!

Berthddu Suit said...

I am glad i'm not the only childish one adventure mother.

Elaine, my youngest thinks it is hilarious to 'accidently' get the name wrong and comment about the bullocks we have in the field behind the house!!

Jay said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

The things kids say ... and the things adults think they hear!! I'm still giggling!