Monday, 20 October 2008

Worrying times

The last few days have been very worrying. My husband's 81 year old Grandmother was taken into hospital on Friday. She had been suffering with a bladder infection that had got out of control. She had become so poorly that sickness was causing her not to keep the antibiotics down.

Initially on Saturday she appeared to improve a little but on Sunday she developed Septicemia which in turn caused problems with her heart. My husband is very close to both his Grandparents and because he is in Liverpool has been feeling the distance. It would be at least a five hour drive to get back to see her. He has been on standby all weekend.

Not only are we extremely worried about her, but Grandad also. He is in his 90's and has suffered from Emphacemia for 20 years and needs a lot of support. It's quite amazing really, both of them have health problems and alone stuggle to cope, but together as a team they cope very nicely. Grandad is unable to visit Nan in hospital and is undoubtedly very concerned.

Today we received the new that Nan is on the up and is now stable. But it looks like she will be staying in hospital for around a month and when she does get home will not be able to care for Grandad anymore. It looks like they are going to need full time help.

Hubby's contract in Liverpool comes to an end this week, so he is going to come home on Wednesday and spend a bit of time with the family before he goes off to his next job, which unfortunately is in Dumfries! So Thursday the kids are going to stay with my sister and we are heading back to Somerset to see both Nan and Grandad.

I do hope Nan recovers quickly, I really am unsure how Grandad is going to cope without her, and it is awful to see them apart.


Eve said...

wihing you and your family well

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this, keeping everything crossed that she makes a speedy recovery what a worry for you all xx

Karen x

Don said...

Things like this show us what is really important. Family is so precious...

I'm sending G'ma and G'pa health vibes!!

Jay said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Nan and Grandad - but happy to hear Nan is improving and should be able to come home. That's great news!

Can they move into sheltered accommodation somewhere? Would that be possible/helpful? I think it's sooo important to help the elderly remain independent and stay together.

My own Grandad had emphysema (I'm assuming that's what you meant?) since being 'gassed' in WW1. Mustard gas I think. And he was a lifelong smoker! He lived to his mid to late eighties, but he went first, which was possibly a blessing.

He was a sweet and gentle soul, but my over-riding memories of him are of a very thin man with blue lips, always hunched, and struggling to breathe.
It's a difficult thing to live with.

elizabethm said...

Very best wishes to you and your family. Hope things work out well and I am sure your visit will be a lift to the grandparents!

auntiegwen said...

Hope all is going as well as it can go xx

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Sorry to hear this, I hope things improve somehow soon.