Thursday, 9 October 2008

A pain in the .....foot.

I am sure my kids were sent to try me. I mean Trouble is getting so much better behaviour wise, we still have the odd battle but we enjoy eachothers company more and more. And Jedi is such a great kid but these last couple of weeks have been such hard work. Not through any fault of her own, of course, but stressful none the less.

There was another incident at school yesterday with the Devil child. Only a minor one in comparison to what has been happening, but still an incident, and one that should not have been allowed to happen. For some reason in the last lesson of the day DC (as he shall now be known) was moved to the table next to Jedi. Usually he is at the other side of the room. He then spent quite some time pinching Jedi at every opportunity. This on it's own is probably quite a common occurence in schools all over the world, but why on earth, when they know Jedi has a problem with DC was it allowed to happen? It was a supply teacher but I don't think that is anything like an excuse. So I had to kick off at school again this morning.

This whole issue is proving to be quite a drain on us. Jedi has started having dreams about it, which shows that she is not dealing with it quite as well as she makes out. And every day I take her to school it makes me feel like I am taking a lamb to slaughter, and I end up worrying about her all day. It just proves her love of school though that she still wants to go. I have now written to the Chair of Govenors and told them that the next substantial attack will result in me pulling Jedi from school. Personally I don't think home schooling is good for children, but as she has only been at the school for just under a year and it is her final year of juniors, I don't really want to move her, so it may be my only option.

Anyway, aside from all that she's had the recent chest infection that we had been hoping to avoid. She's off the antibiotics and is much improved, but it has been a worry again. Then, just to ice the cake, yesterday evening when demonstrating her dancefloor 'shapes', she rather over enthusiastically leaps into the air and comes down on the outside edge of her foot and falls to the floor in agony. My first thought is that she has broken it again! She has previously broken bones in both of her feet, but that's another story! Living where we do the nearest 24hr emergency department is Lord knows where and I didn't think it was quite bad enough for an ambulance. So I dosed her up with pain killers and put a bag of frozen peas on it.

She slept downstairs on the sofa last night, because she has a bunk bed and there was no way I was heaving her up there. Today we spent all morning in town going between the MIU at the surgery and the hospital x-ray department. Luckily, however, it is not broken. Instead she has torn the tendon that runs along the outside of her foot and pulled it away from the bone a bit by her little toe. Excuse me, but fucking ouch!! Poor thing, (I was going to say little, but after carrying her around all day, I can tell you she's not bloody little!) She is in a lot of pain and feeling very sorry for herself. I now have even more to worry about when I take her to school. She wants to go but she is going to be twice as vunerable. And I am worn out. Yes tired from carrying her but also pretty emotional drained. Roll on Saturday when Hubby is home and I can have a nice big, protective, manly cuddle.


Tattie Weasle said...

Poor Jedi and poor you! Send you heartfelt hugs from Suffolk..

blogthatmama said...

Oh what a difficult week! That foot injury sounds so painful. Hope you have a better time next week.

Jay said...

Oh poor Jedi! Tendon injuries are very painful and can take as long to heal as a break. I wonder if you can keep her still? LOL!

I sympathise over the trouble she's having at school. We went through similar issues with our second son, and eventually it led to his being disaffected and failing most of his exams. It was so bad, and the staff so unhelpful, that there were days I had to keep him home because he was threatening suicide. He's now in his twenties and a well-adjusted young man just (finally) finishing his education. Good luck with the school and with Jedi. I wish I'd been courageous enough to home schoo..

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ouch poor Jedi, hope she feels better soon, and hugs to you.

Berthddu Suit said...

Thanks guys, we are both feeling better now, but I haven't had my Hubby hug yet!

Berthddu Suit said...

Hi this is Jedi here! Thank you very much. I am feeling a little bit better now. I can walk around on my heel a little bit so it's not too bad anymore.

auntiegwen said...

Aawh poor wee scone, glad her foot's feeling a bit better.

I do think the school should be doing more, I would try and look at their behaviour management policy and then try and enforce that.