Sunday, 30 November 2008

Beautiful Day

Well Grandad had a beautiful send off. The church service was a wonderful blend of traditional English and Cypriot. It started as any other British funeral, Hubby and his father and male cousins carried the coffin. We sang hymns and listened to tributes and readings. Then he was blessed by the Cypriot Papa. At the grave olive oil was poured over the coffin and food thrown in to see him through to the other side.

It was a very emotional day, but I think he would have been very happy with it. Nan coped amazingly well, I think she knew it was time. It was wonderful to get the family together and a few unsteady bridges were reinforced. It really couldn't have gone any better.

Thank to everyone who has left kind messages, you are all so lovely.

In other news, Jedi has now had her cast off and was STILL in quite a bit of pain. So she went to see my cousin the chiropractor. Turns out she had a slight dislocation in the side of her foot and torn ligaments. The doctors had obviously missed it on the x-rays!! Anyway the ligaments weren't healing because of the dislocation. My cousin has put it right and the difference was almost immediate. The ligaments will still take a while to heal but at least they can now. I'm glad she went, imagine how much trouble she would have had if we hadn't. My cousin also had to adjust her back where she had been walking funny for so long. It's seven weeks since the original incident!

Apart from that not much to report apart from the fact it is too bloody cold! At least I'm not in Scotland like my poor hubby!


Eve said...

I'll have some of your cold and you can have some of my hot. It's 34C here and 95% humidity.

Glad the service went well and that you managed to get the service you wanted, that can make such a difference .

Don said...

The nice antithesis to funerals and the grief that comes with them is the gathering of families and the renewal of family spirit. Yea for Grandad and for that renewal. I hope you are refreshed a little.

Don't you just love chiropractors? Nice to have one on the family!!

Tattie Weasle said...

antithesis to funereals - so right indeed. I am so sorry for your loss but glad the funeral went so well it indeed makes a huge difference.
Serioulsy releived for Jedi too thank heavens that got picked up!
Take care

auntiegwen said...

Glas that Jedi is finally on the mend and pleased the service went well x