Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sexy's back!!

Hi folks, I'm back. Phew, been a bit manic I guess. Thanks to everyone who left kind comments and best wishes. We got down to Somerset and saw Nan. Thankfully she has improved hugely over the last week or so, but is adamant that she will be home soon and taking care of Grandad. Unfortunately, Grandad is now also in hospital. He came down with a chest infection which, of course, on top of emphysema was pretty serious. He is doing well though and at least Nan can stop fretting that he isn't being looked after properly.

They will both now stay in hospital until suitable care is arranged and the house adapted for them. Hopefully, they will both be tranferred to the community hospital a bit nearer to home. It has been a very worrying time but things are looking brighter.

The foot that Jedi hurt nearly a month ago has been getting worse not better. I took her to the doctor and he referred her to a consultant at the fracture clinic in Shrewsbury hospital. The hospital is an hour away and we spent a further three and a half hours there getting nowhere fast. They don't really know what she has done, nothing shows up on her x-rays but poor Jedi is still in a lot of pain. They have decided to immobilise her foot by casting it for three weeks. Hopefully this will give whatever has been damaged time to heal.

On yet another note, I finally have a job. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself for getting through the lengthy application/interview process. The job is not the classroom assistant post I had hoped for, but an admin post which promises to be a challenge. The company provides supplies for schools and closes during school holidays so will fit well around the children. I first had to pass a numeracy and literacy test, which wasn't too difficult but focused on attention to detail and accuracy. Those that passed these tests got an interview. At the time of my interview I was told there had been a lot of applicants and that they would narrow it down and then interview again. I had my second this morning. It was between me and one other person. They told me I would hear in a couple of days but by lunchtime I had been offered the job!! I wonder if the other person didn't turn up! Anyway, yay for me and as I will get paid monthly there will be a nice bundle in the bank just in time for Christmas. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you nan has improved, wishing your grandad a speedy recovery also, what a worry for you all xx

I think its a good idea to put your daughters foot in a cast as this will give it time to heal, hopefully there is/was no fracture. Our son was misdiagnosed at A&E when he was 2 years old, they said he had a nasty sprain when all along it was a fracture! He was put in a cast and it did the world of good.

Well done on your new job and welcome back!!

Karen x

blogthatmama said...

Congratulations on your job and sorry to hear about your family and their illnesses, hope they all get better soon and that you love the job and the cash that comes with it!

Eve said...

Glad to see you back!

Congrats on job, and I hope Grans house gets sorted so they can stay together in the house.

auntiegwen said...

hey, welcome back sweetie

hoping that this worrying time will soon be over for you

congrats on the job, you do know there will be children in a school ? they can be tricky creatures !

ok ok only saying !