Thursday, 18 December 2008

Blue - show your support

Some of you may remember the old horse that lives in the field next to our house for those who do and those who don't here is an insight into her life;

Blue's Story.

Blue was once a well cared for and loved horse who was placed at shows and won rossettes for her owners' children. The children have since grown up and left home, so Blue is retired.

I first called the RSPCA out last summer when I noticed that she was very unsteady on her feet and on closer inspection noticed blood oozing from her coronets (top of the hoof) and mud and pus in her feet. The RSPCA eventually responded after about 5 weeks and a barrage of phone calls from both me and my neighbours. The RSPCA inspector had a look round her, never lifted her feet and recommended she see a farrier, that was it. They never even returned to make sure it was done.

A few months ago the owners of this horse were evicted from their property so effectively the horse was abandoned. No one came to check on her and as the weather deteriorated and the grass disappeared we became concerned. Again the RSPCA were notified and eventually turned up many weeks later. This time the Inspector was very unhappy with the horse's conditions and as by this time the owners had returned left a list of criteria which had to be fulfilled. This was several weeks ago and the RSPCA have as yet not returned to ensure the requirements have been fulfilled.

To give you a better idea of her conditions read on;

Blue has an open fronted 'shed' to shelter in. It is full of LAST years cow muck. To get to it she has to wade through mud and stones.

Until a couple of weeks ago she had no rug. She now has a non waterproof rug which is too small. Considering the weather we have been having she has been drenched during the day and frozen at night. It also slips to one side causing the straps on the other side to dig into her belly and leg. No one comes to straighten it.

Her water trough has been freezing, no one comes to break the ice.

The grass is long gone. There is hay in the barn but no one gives to her and besides a horse left out over winter, especially of this age needs far more to eat than poor quality hay.

She repeatedly collapses and spends hours on the ground struggling to get to her feet. Last Sunday morning she spent at least five hours down in a very hard frost. Our neighbours thought she was dead.

We have done what we can for Blue, we groomed out her moulting summer coat in the warmer months, straightened her rug, given her water, and hay. The RSPCA have now told us to stop so they can see that she isn't being cared for, which makes sense........ if they ever bother to come back.

Merry Christmas!

I now have Lembit Opik's office fighting for Blue, they have contacted the RSPCA and asked that they come back to see Blue asap. Next step the papers!

If any of you have Facebook please join the following group

If not then please just show your support for Blue by leaving messages here.

Anyone who wants to link to this post, please do - I want as many people as possible to read it.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I have shown my support via facebook, but would like to say again how upsetting this must be for all of you to witness on a daily basis and how disgusting it is that this poor horse is being denied basic care from its owners, and the protection of the RSPCA. I pray that she is seen again by an inspector and given the love and care that she deserves.

Berthddu Suit said...

Thank you. It is very distressing to witness it right under our noses. The girls just don't understand why no one will help her. It really is heart breaking.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Poor Blue. It must be so frustrating to have to STOP helping. I hope they do something soon. I've been a bit absent from facebook but will join your group asap.

So sorry to hear about your Grandad. I've been very behind, and glad Jedi is on the mend.

Also, Happy belated Birthday to you. Sorry to hear about your hubby's job but at least he'll be home.

Well done to your little stars at the concert, especially Jedi singing solo. Very brave.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year lovely. Take care. xoxoxoxo

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

I am showing my support for Blue by linking to this on my blog. Thank you so much for fighting for Blue and looking out for her, let's hope you soon get the results you need.

Don said...

I wish I could bring Blue to my farm and give her a cozy barn and a nice quiet field to call her own. I don't understand how people can be so mean. I appreciate your compassion and hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to read about Blue through the Rural Muse wesbite. In my experience the RSPCA aren't very helpful and tend to only do the absolute minimum required by law. I would ignor their advice and carry on helping Blue, then you and your neighbours could take the matter to the small claims court to regain costs and raise the issue of Blue's plight. Also, The Horse Trust may be able to provide more specialist help and advice on 01494 488464. Best of luck to you and Blue. Jazz.

Anonymous said...

This is very upsetting to read. Are the children - now adults presumably anywhere around?. Wonder if they know of Blue's plight. Or what about any horse rescue/sanctuaries?. Could they intervene in the absence of support from RSPCA? here is a link if this helps at all:

Thank goodness Blue has you caring about his welfare. Hoping Blue gets the care and love he deserves.

Anonymous said...

It has reached the stage where the intervention of a horse sanctuary could surely intervene to help Blue;the RSPCA do not seem interested in taking charge of the situation for whatever the reason.
Blue needs love and care,and sooner rather than later

Anonymous said...

I would have thought the blue cross or the redwings horse sanctury could have helped. I have no faith in the RSPCA any more, many years ago I found an injured crow and asked for their help as it had a broken wing, I was told to put its head in a bucket of water as there were too many of them anyway. Needless to say I did not. I bound up its wing and kept in a shed for 2 weeks , took off the splint and it flew away.

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

HI there, I've been spreading the word and a lot of people are recommending the ILPH (international league for the protection of horses), as they're obv. specialists. I know of someone that called them and they came out the same day to see the horse -- there is a lot of positive feedback about them and they seem to be much more decisive in their action.

Apparently the Animal Welfare Act now stipulates that you don't have to leave the horse without food or shelter to suffer. The current conditions should be enough for the RSPCA to take action. So I don't know why they've said what they've said?

A lot of people have also suggested getting the local papers involved.

Any updates on poor Blue yet?

Frog in the Field said...

Happy New Year to you!

Claire said...

So tragic to hear about Blue, just makes my blood boil to read about these things. I can't believe the attitude of the RSPCA. I do hope that more will be done. I don't know how you can stop helping - the suggestion of the RSPCA that you stop seems ludicrous. I am hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Anonymous said...

We had a very similar situation with a 32 year old pony. She had been a brilliant all round family pony, years of service and as kind and gentle as can be. Just left like Blue.
I sneaked in at first, then got so cross with her neglect, I just told the owner that I would go in every day and feed and ensure she had fresh water.
One morning we found her tangled in 40ft of sheep wire, stuck 10 yards from her grim, but at least dryish open stable, in deep mud, after a bittlerly cold and wet night. She could have been there all night.
We went round and gave the owner £100 and just took her away. She spent 6 very happy months with us, in a borrowed field, with borrowed rugs, food contributed by various friends and some company. She sadly had to be put down, but it was quiet and calm and with the sun on her back and with dignity.
Please keep fighting for Blue,just ask the owners if you can take over, and just push in if all else fails. Someone will help with the bits you haven't got. Don't wait to be proved right. Really , really good luck.

Justine said...

well done for fighting this poor defenseless creature's corner. How sad that a faithful horse can be so neglected in this way. Blue deserves a pampered retirement, not to be forgotten about. This is so sad.

I pray that she gets the care she needs before it's too late.

Anonymous said...