Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a funny day! I've had the girls home for a couple of days, there is an awful tummy bug going round the school and both girls have been low with awful colds, so I decided to keep them home for a few days. Half the school is absent anyway! My dad turned up unexpectedly this morning, he'd come up to view the bungalow in the village. It was only a flying visit but a lovely one!

Then Hubby rang to say that he had been temporarily laid off! For some reason they hadn't got all the planning permission they needed and the job has been stopped. So nice news that Hubby was on his way home for my birthday but not great circumstances just before Christmas. Luckily he has managed to get a bit of work with my cousin so it should just about tide us over.

Then off to work. I have a ridiculous dry tickly cough which of course raises it's head when I am taking phone calls. I have been drinking cough medicine straight from the bottle all day but it doesn't seem to help much!

Then back home where I had to cook tea! Hubby can be a bit useless with things like that. Oh he can cook, he just doesn't much! And he'd brought a mate with him so I had to make a vast Shepherds Pie for them all. Jedi had made me a cup of coffee though, which was very much appreciated.

Anyway, not the most exciting birthday I have ever had, but I guess that happens as you get older! At least I have a nice warm body to snuggle up with tonight.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday (sorry its late) I meant to leave you a little message but was up to my eyeballs in christmas plays and school run journeys *rolls eyes* anyway hope you had a great day xxxx

auntiegwen said...

And having him home is the best present of all, xx