Sunday, 7 December 2008

Very proud mum!

Well, even though we have all had dodgy colds we made it to the school Christmas show. Because it's not a church school, they have a slightly different take on the nativity and this year was the Xmas Factor. Trouble was an angel of all things and Jedi was Mary. They both did a fabulous job and Jedi's solo brought a tear of sheer pride to her mummy's eye. The infants and junior are split and do their own little show and I have to say the standard was incredible. Those teachers must put so much time and effort in to get all those little ones doing and saying what they are meant to. And some of the juniors definately have an acting career ahead of them!!

Jedi's foot is much improved, her chest is fine and the troublesome child has been removed from the school, so things are definately improving for her.

I am still getting no eggs from my chickens, which is very frustrating but apparently I am not the only one! There was a young fox loitering around the house this morning so I must be vigilant. We have hardly thawed at all over the last few days but we have had no snow. The Bengal Brothers are spending most nights under my duvet and will wake me up, patting my face until I let them in.

I am slowly getting through the Christmas shopping but have disappointed myself by giving in to the kids and putting the Christmas tree up yesterday. Christmas never starts this early in this house! We usually put the tree up the weekend after my birthday, which isn't until Wednesday. I think we just all needed a bit of a boost, and I have to admit that seeing it twinkling by the window have lifted us all. Jedi has been madly wrapping everything in sight, I love wrapping presents but I haven't had a look in, she even offered to write my Christmas cards! The tree brings much joy to the cats of course and Clay has been climbing it every five minutes since it went up! Hubby would hate it but he's not here so up yours with ya humbugs!


Anonymous said...

Awww im glad you enjoyed the plays and that Jedi is getting better. My sons play is on your birthday ;)

Our chookies have cut down on the egg numbers but still getting some, ours could do with the rest after such a great show all summer! Im sure that fox sighting wont help your girls what a fright.

Our tree is not up yet, but we have put some lights on the conifer outside the front of the house, looks very pretty.

Don said...

School plays are so much fun! Sounds like you had a great time.

I have been researching egg production and here is a web site with really good info. If you don't have lights in your coop, they will stop laying or really slow down. THey need 12-14 hours of light to keep the production going.

Check out this site:

auntiegwen said...

Have a great birthday on Wednesday x 21 again are we ? no ? just me then !