Thursday, 26 June 2008


C didn't lay yesterday and the day before we had a very odd egg. The fat end was normal, but the pointy end was a very obscure shape and paper thin. I'm guessing it was just a blip as we have two beautiful eggs today. I have given them cat food, someone said it was good protein to help them regrow their feathers and it should help with the eggs too. Trouble is because they are battery hens they have never seen anything but mash their whole lives, they have no idea what to do with anything else!

I saw a blog post the other day where someone was claiming that they would only ever eat battery eggs. Why? Because of a particular egg, which had a feather stuck to it! OMG a feather, how disgusting! Grow up for God's sake, no one says you have to eat the feather. Would people really rather eat eggs from hens who suffer horrendously than a beautiful egg (with a feather on it) from happy chickens that free range.

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