Monday, 30 June 2008


I was going to write over the weekend, but i had the wonderful surprise of my husband appearing on Saturday afternoon. He works away and wasn't due back until next Friday! So, i've had a busy weekend making him coffee and food, he is Greek after all! He's eaten all the eggs and had his washing done, and now's he gone again. Flying visit but rather pleasant!

Anyway i was going to talk about toilet training my bengals I mean, how cool is that? Both my boys have very different habits when it comes to this sort of thing. H likes to go in the litter tray, he will come in from an excursion to God knows where, and go straight to it. Why? You've just been out in the biggest litter tray there is! He doesn't even mind if it's a bit dirty, unlike his brother. C doesn't much like using the tray, he prefers to do it out. If the box has been used and he can't get out, he will either sit there and yowl a demand that is cleaned or go off and find a nice duvet or leather jacket to do it on!! So wouldn't it be fantastic to train them to use the toilet? No more misplaced doo doos, no more cleaning out the stinky litter tray. I'm not sure that H would be impressed, and knowing him he will probably fall in. But C seems to be working round to the idea. Saturday morning i got up and visited the loo, as one does. C strolls into the bathroom, up into the bath, and squats perfectly over the plug hole! I wonder how many times he's done that? Eeww, reminder to self, wash thoroughly before running a bath!!

On a chickeny note, i tried introducing the ex-batts to the teenagers today. I opened the door to the house so the babies could come out. Only two braved it - chickens. Most of the time they didn't take much notice of eachother, but when one of the youngsters came face to face with Bella, she thought she'd have a go, (being tough and having survived a cat attack and all). It didn't go down so well though, Bella grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the floor!! I had to put a gentle foot between them to get them apart! Lordy! I guess little 'un won't try that again in hurry! Will try again in a couple of days, if the bloody weather sorts itself out!


Greta said...

Hi - Just thought I'd pay your blog a visit - my cat is exactly the same, if Toby's cat litter not to his liking he will pee on something nice and soft - duvets also a favourite of his. Which is why he is no longer allowed to roam the house!!!

Added you to my favourite blogs - look forward to learning more from you.

Greta xx

Stiggy said...

WOW! Now if we had a pet, THAT'S what I'd have to do!

I never realised it was possible to train a cat to do things like that - AMAZING!

I seem to be chasing Greta around these days grabbing blogs to link to, but hey! It's all good!

Enjoyed reading your blog.