Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Weekend away

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversay last Wednesday. I wrote him a poem, which he thought i got from the net and asked my wonderful husband if he was going to take me away for a romantic weekend, he said yes of course. He said he was taking me to Taunton in Somerset! ' Why would I want to go there?' I asked, after all we had lived not far from Taunton just a few months back. He explained that that weekend fell on the same day as our friends were getting married! Well i guess it is pretty romantic to celebrate your wedding anniversay at someone else's wedding.

So of we went, the neighbours kindly agreeing to look after the growing menagerie of animals. The girls went to stay with their dad for the weekend and we went to the wedding. It was lovely, i wore a dress for the first time since we got married and the whole day was a massive reunion for us. All our friends that used to live near to us, all in one place. It was fantastic. Even though we go back to Somerset about once a month or so, we don't often get to see everyone.

The weather was a bit 'British' but apart from that the day went like a dream. So raise a glass and wish Rab and Sharon all the best for the future.

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