Tuesday, 24 June 2008


My dad grew up in Wales and i've always felt a touch of home about the place. As a child we were brought up here whenever possible, and when i passed my driving test i used to drive up here on weekends. Spur of the moment, i'd finish work on Friday and jump in the car. I always felt a touch of excitement as i crossed the bridge. I used to visit family, my dad was one of nine so there are plenty of family to visit, and go out with my friends. And i was always reluctant to head home, and i have to admit 'my car broke down' a couple of times, when i should have been back at work!

My mum is from Kent, so growing up we never had anyone apart from immediate family around. It may seem weird to some, but i love it now when i bump into my aunt and uncle in Morrisons or my cousin in New Look! Such simple things. I have to work harder on the visiting thing though, i thought i'd see everyone so much more, but i guess you fall into your own routines and daily business and don't seem to make the time.

My sister is living up here too, just a couple of miles away, and mum and dad are looking for their retirement home somewhere close too. My brother has stayed in Somerset luckily for us, he bought our house! Dad had always wanted to come back to Wales, but hadn't wanted to leave my kids behind, they are the only grandchildren. So now he has no excuse! Fingers crossed it won't be too long now, they have had an offer on the house, they just need to find somewhere suitable.

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