Friday, 27 June 2008

Please bring back the sun

Typical! The weather has been appalling, of course, it's June! My Bengals are hating it. You open the door for them, they rush to it, take one look, then turn to me and go 'WTF? You expect me to go out in that?' Ok, so they don't want to go out, they go back to bed. Fine, lucky buggers. The trouble is they are still young, they'll be one next month, and after a certain amount of sleeping the youthful energy builds up. It's usually when the kids go to bed, and i get screams down the stairs, ' Mum, Clay is attacking my feet!' and 'Mum Harley's just pounced on my head!' I then have to go up, catch them (which is a quite a feat), bring them downstairs and shut them in a room with their toys and scratching post, and listen to them trash the room.

Last night was different, the energy build up came later. It wasn't till i went to bed. As i was finishing up downstairs i could hear crashing noises coming from upstairs. Is that the kids or the cats? Even for the cats it sounded a bit much. I went up to investigate (with my whip and chair). Now i'm not really bothered by creepy crawlies, i mean if a huge spider leapt on my face, i may lose my cool just for a second, but if they leave me alone then that's fine with me. But i have never seen such a HUGE daddy long legs in my life! And there, throwing themselves around after it with a great deal of enjoyment and excitement, are my boys, bless them! Onto my bedroom window sill, knocking a few photos off as they pass, onto the bed, falling off the bed in a suicidal attempt at flying, out of the room, into the bathroom, into the bath, out of the bath, into the wall, half way down the stairs, back up the stairs, back into my bedroom. This went on for a while, like a crazy assault course circuit, with me unable to catch cat or crane fly. Luckily they stayed out of the kids' rooms and didn't wake them either, which is a miracle in itself, and eventually i managed to guide it out of a window without the boys sailing out after it.

Quite worn out from their exploits but a little disappointed that their prey had escaped, the boys curled up on the end of my bed and promptly went to sleep. I put my room back together and curled up myself hoping the sun would appear in the morning. That's hopeful, it's June in Britain for God's sake!


Tattie Weasle said...

Love the picture your created of the Bengals playing - my poor old girls (two red point siamese) are 12 now and insist that the reason why all the pictures are on the floor is becuase of the dogs trying to attack the postman through the window not the fact that they were bored and trying to take the wings off a very annoying bluebottle!

Berthddu Suit said...

Ha ha, yeah i know what you mean, they walk off whistling and pretend they had nothing to do with it! Bless them!