Friday, 27 June 2008

Rabbit D.I.Y.

Ok, so while the boys are trashing my lounge, i take a deep breath and head outside to face the weather and my chores. It's ok, i like looking after my animals, there's a great satisfaction to watching them grow and live happy contented lives. It's just nicer when the sun is shining and i have time to sit and watch them. Chickens fed and watered i start on the rabbits.

When i get to Tiger's hutch i realise all his bedding is wet. Wtf? Did he really drink so much? No clever rabbit, knowing it was June and that the lovely friendly Bengals don't eat rabbits (?) he has built himself a sun roof!! Yep, he has chewed a substantial hole in the roof of his hutch!

That's handy, i was looking for a new job to take on.

Who? Me?

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