Thursday, 19 February 2009

THE Riding Lesson

At last, the day came when the girls could get their bums back in the saddle. Because they haven't ridden for about two years and we're going to a new riding school, they are starting out back on the lead rein.

Here they are listening intently to their instructions:

It was wonderful that they were the only ones in the class, you can imagine what their old classes must have been like with 15 or so kids in one small indoor school. Just look at the space they had and the attention from their instructor.

Trouble is on the left and Jedi on the right:

Trouble struggled a bit to keep her reins short enough and when she asked her pony to stop by sitting deep in the saddle and reducing movement, he ignored her (at first) and she ended up with her hands round her ears!! After a while he started to listen and she did a great job.

Jedi tries so very hard to sit up straight she sometimes becomes a bit stiff so in rising trot she sometimes leans forward and ends up with her bum sticking out!! (Sorry Jedi, if you read this :P) But after a bit of relaxing in sitting trot she soon got it whipped.

I think they did great, two years is a long time in the life of small people. Next time they are booked in for half an hour stable management too. Trouble needs a bit of confidence on the ground, I guess that's the problem with being so small, everything else is so darn big!!

This is Jedi's Dougle:

This is Trouble's Dougle:

Sorry about the blurry pics, it was lunch time and they weren't really interested in posing!! And this fella here just wanted to kill anyone who came near his dinner!!!!

So we went home for our own, all full of smiles.


Janie said...

Little girls and horses just seem to go together. Looked like a wonderful lesson with just the 2 of them. Stay away from that last horse! He doesn't look too friendly.

Carolina said...

Ah, lovely! What a luxureous lesson they had. And lessons in stable management are a really good idea! I'm guessing that horses are featuring in the conversations at your home heavily these days ;-)

Anonymous said...

The one to one lessons are so much better than groups. We found our daughters riding came on so much better once she had more attention from the instructor.

Anonymous said...

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