Thursday, 5 February 2009

Silly Snow or Silly Schools?

My girls finally got a day of school today. The descision was made yesterday, by Powys County Council, to close all of it's schools. (Powys covers a huge area!) We were due a really heavy snow fall and I guess they were staying on the safe side. Today they were looking a little red-faced, we had no where near the forecast amount of snow. In fact it didn't really start snowing until after lunch.

I called the kids from work at lunch time. I had left strict instructions that if it started snowing hard they had to go out in it. I mean that's half the fun isn't it? Playing in the snow with it falling all about you. When I rang they informed me it was snowing quite hard so I asked if they had been out in it like I had said. Apparantly it was too cold. I informed them that is was no excuse and that I expected to find two perfectly formed snow girls waiting for me when I got home! They weren't overly impressed.

I was glad of the snow today though, our drive had become lethal where the car tyres had packed the snow down. I performed the new version of Dancing on Ice as I went to work this morning! The inch we had this afternoon just provided enough for me to get back up it when I returned home!

Anyway, I'm hoping we won't get any more snow, my father in law and his mum are due to come up for the weekend. And of course hubby is coming home. Jedi has spent a lot of time working on an amazing walnut and coffee cake and I am sure it will be well appreciated, well I hope so, considering the mess she left behind. She makes amazing cakes but the devestation is pretty amazing too!!

I'll leave you with a couple more snowy pictures;


auntiegwen said...

My kids made a sofa out of snow, so they could sit on it ! Honest to God, they're stone mad, you couldn't make this up

Mine wre out in the garden till I made them come in at 9 last night !

Berthddu Suit said...

Bless, that's how it should be Anutie Gwen. I think my kids need toughening up!!

Eliane said...

Other end of Powys - no snow at all yesterday. And today, a small amount and the school decided not to open. So they've had two days this week at school and three at home and I am going nuts! Time was when you went to school whatever the weather and walked if you couldn't get there any other way. We would have had fun if there had actually been any snow the last two days...

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

no snow left anywhere west of Bodmin. Lorries not being able to get into Cornwall leaves Tesco and Sainsburys without milk or bread unless they baked their own! Wonder how the country would survive if we had another lot of snow. My kids were off on Tuesday, so in and out all day. It really was beautiful.

Liz said...

the light in that tree photo is wonderful!

Too cold?! Kids today, eh?!