Thursday, 19 February 2009


Oh dear, that actually sounds like I'm sick of the saddle but it's actually meant to be like the exact opposite, like homesick! Oh well. The girls have their riding lesson tomorrow, thank God! They have been quite unbearable this week. They have been wearing all their gear around the house and Trouble's scooter has become an interesting, if rather skinny, silver pony!! I'm looking forward to it too, I can't wait to see them back in the saddle, it will be worth the money I've spent already this week, honest! I will be taking my camera, which reminds me; I must put new batteries in, and am hoping to get some great shots.

The trouble is I'm bloody jealous! The more all this goes on, the more need I feel to get back in the saddle. It hasn't been too bad up to now, the road that passes the end of the drive is not suitable for horses and poor old Blue is too old anyway. But now all this talk has started, and I know the girls will be riding, the need to ride again is growing.

Also, just to fuel it, while I was perusing the ABC Wednesday posts I stumbled across this blog. Janie and Steve in Utah have some beautiful horses and the most wonderful countryside to explore, all from the back of their trusty companions. Boooooo! Not fair. Hmmmph. I'm going off to sulk.


Janie said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post.
Sorry you're saddlesick. I finally got to ride today after being shut down by snow for three months. So I was a little saddlesick, too, and now I'm feeling much happier.
Hope you get to ride with your daughters soon.

Berthddu Suit said...

No problem Janie, I will be a regular visitor from now on. I can't imagine being unable to ride when the horses are sat right there waiting!!