Monday, 16 February 2009

What a shame horses don't poo money!

First, I have been asked by Jedi to let you know that she has started blogging again. Her first attempt at blogging was a bit slack but she's decided to give to another go, so please drop over to House of Jedi and say Hi.

Anyway, on to horse poo. When we lived down in Somerset the girls started having riding lessons, they were doing ok but the groups were so big they just didn't seem to move on. I promised them when we moved here they could start again. Finally, over a year later I have found a riding school that looks really promising. At Bradnant Equestrian Centre they will be having lessons with just the two of them in the group, so hopefully they will improve quickly. They can do stable management classes which I think is great, teaches them a bit more respect for the animal when they have to do some of the work to look after them, not just hopping on for half an hour then leaving them in someone else's hands. There is also the chance to get involved with Pony Club which is something I'd really like them to do.

It must be two years since any of us have ridden so inevitably the girls have grown enormously. Trouble fits into Jedi's old stuff but seeing as Jedi hasn't stopped growing since we moved here and is now catching me up at speed, she has grown out of everything. So I spent yesterday evening on Ebay, bought her some beautiful muckers (I always ride in Muckers, I think they are so comfy) a new silk (well velvet!) for my/our hat, cos the old one has disintegrated, and a pair of chaps for me. All this talk of riding has made me desperate to get back into it. I can only go so long without my bum in the saddle and I get sad!

Then today we accidently went to 'just look' at our local countryside store, and bought Trouble some gorgeous little lilac gloves and Jedi some new jodhpurs! And all this is before we get to paying for the lessons!!! Oh well, it's my own fault I guess for wanting them to ride in the first place, but at least my parents only had to pay for one!

I think I am going to have to offer myself up for exercising again. That's what I have done for the last few years, just helped out other people with their horses. Can't afford my own yet...... one day.....


Anonymous said...

Its so expensive kitting out children for horse riding. Our daughter also loves riding, in fact you have reminded me to put her jods, boots, hat and body protector on ebay.....yes she has outgrown them already!

Stiggy said...

All sounds lots of fun!

I feel the same way with my bikes - although I haven't really ridden much since i sold my old GSX1100.

Much the same in many ways...

...still - your question is answered - sell the poo as manure - although a very slow money spinner!!


Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

I too would love to be back in the saddle, i think i may have lost my nerve also bad back doesn't help - goodness sound old now. y daughter sold her 17h horse last year. He was just to big and scary I would like to plod! But guess what? I have more money in my account. Enjoy the children are young for a very short time.

Liz said...

Oh, that's very brave. Horses are so ... big!

Berthddu Suit said...

TGS; they just don't stop going up do they?!!

Stig; don't get me started on bikes, my husband drools over them, I call bike mags his porn!

Fankie and Liz; the bigger the better! It's the small ones who are little buggers!!