Saturday, 7 February 2009

Yay! I got to play at last!

Thankfully the snow is still here today and I got to play with the kids in the snow. The in-laws didn't make it but Hubby did, so with Buzzards calling and soaring above us, we all headed up on the field behind the house. Armed with a sheet of good strong, black plastic and wrapped up like Michelin men we trudged our way up to the top of the field, only to throw ourselves back down again.

I haven't had so much fun with my kids for ages!!


Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Lovely pics, snow is a distant memory in rainy Cornwall, apart the lack of milk and bread in the supermarkets, we can still get cornish milk in local shops!

Anonymous said...

OOooh now that looks fun! Must admit, im getting a bit tired of the snow for one reason or another BUT on the other hand, its great to see kids happy, thats what its all about ;)

Stiggy said...

Looks like you went up and down that hill more than once, by the look of the trails on the ground!


It looks great fubn there - we didn't get a chance to do any sledging - hopefully next time!


Mo said...

Well, good for you! It's important to take time out for play; remember what they say about poor Jack!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Don said...

We call it sledding in the USA. I kinda like sledging better.

Either way, sledging in the hill of Wales, very cool.