Thursday, 4 September 2008

The blabber returns

Well, hello all, I'm back! I am now going to be extremely busy, catching up with all your blogs, thanks to BT. So I do apologise for lack of input from me over the last couple of weeks but BT decided to connect my phone line to someone else's house and left me without! We've had lots of problems with the lines and lightning lately so they decided to update the lines but then managed to reconnected them all up wrong!! I then had to wait for ages to get it sorted because they had such a mess to sort out. I bet someone's head rolled!

Anyway, I'm back. Hubby celebrated his 30th on Monday, I've had a job offer that I don't know whether to take or not, kids have gone back to school and J's 11th birthday is tomorrow, (A's is in a couple of weeks). All is peaceful, just for the moment, so I am going to catch up with you all.


auntiegwen said...

So tell us about the job then !

Happy belated birthday to the man

Berthddu Suit said...

Thx for the Birthday Greetings Auntiegwen. The job is working at a care home/school for children with emotional behavioural problems, I would love to do it, but the hours are a bit awkward with the girls being so young and hubby working away. Mulling it over!!