Friday, 5 September 2008

Jedi's Story Part I

Well today is all about J. Or Jedi as she likes to be known!! 11 today! How quickly have those eleven years passed? I still remember quite clearly that day (funnily enough, a Friday) when I woke to find myself bleeding to death at half five in the morning! I had a placental abruption the day before she was due, I still remember every last detail, like it was this morning!!

When I woke I thought my water's had broken, but after going to the loo to investigate, I discovered I was bleeding heavily. My husband (at the time) was away due to work, but luckily my mum was with me. Mum doesn't drive so off I went to North Devon District Hospital by ambulance. I was taken straight to delivery and poked and prodded in all the usual ways. My labour started and they broke my waters. Before long however Jedi's heart rate began to dive. The mad rush that followed maybe should be a blur but isn't! I was shaved, had a catheter put in, had to remove all my jewellery, and had an IV put in by a student who was totally incapable and made me lose even more blood. I remember them reading the consent form to me and just desperately wanting to sign it, I didn't care what it said! I was in considerable pain but was only allowed oxygen.

Jedi was on her way but they didn't want to risk it so I was whisked off to theatre. Poor baby had to be dragged back up the birth canal (which later caused huge problems that I will write about another day) and was born at 7.19 am on the 5th September 1997. Jedi only scored 3 out of 10 on the Apgar scale when she arrived and was whisked off pretty quick. For those that don't know the Apgar scale gives a score of 0 to 2 on five different things, i.e. breathing and muscle tone. So Jedi must have scored 0 on a couple of things. I knew nothing about it of course, as I was completely out.

I had always wanted a boy and was convinced that she was. I was a bit worried that if she was a girl I wouldn't bond with her. But when I came round from the anaesthetic and they showed me a polaroid of her in special care do you think I gave a toss? Of course not, I asked if she was ok, and when told she was, I went back to sleep!!

Anyway, Jedi is a tough cookie and after only 7 hours in special care we were reunited for the first time!! And after four days (!!!) I had the staples removed from my stomach and we were allowed home. Four days? Staples out?? I was afraid to laugh or sneeze or anything!!

So here we are, 11 years on, and I have the most amazing daughter anyone could wish for. And for those of you that say you forget the pain and trauma of childbirth you are lying!! But it was worth it. (And I did do it again!!)

Happy Birthday Jedi!!


auntiegwen said...

A very happy birthday to your eldest beautiful daughter ! xxx

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Lovely to read J's Birth-day 20 years on and I don't forget! So I know where you are coming from. Like your two daughters my girls were both born 11 days apart but in June. Thanks for noting yourself as a blog follower on my blog, I think I pressed the right buttons to accept! That is a big encouragement to write more often.
I hope this awful weather is not damaging your property or surrondings, don't know why I bought flip-flops this summer.

Adventure Mother said...

I have a similarly horrendous birth story from 10 years ago. Thankfully we both survived to tell the tale but I have not forgotten a moment of the whole experience. Happy birthday Jedi!

Shrinky said...

Yeah, I got cured after the fourth one (got hubby snipped). My youngest daughter is also eleven, she was a huge surprise at the time, but turned out the best gift I never asked for!

Happy birthday to your precious girl.

Berthddu Suit said...

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes for the Jedi!