Sunday, 7 September 2008

Retail Therapy

I was meant to take the kids horseriding yesterday, for Jedi's birthday, but considering we are lucky not to have been washed away altogether we decided to postpone it until the weather improves. (If it ever does). We opted to go shopping instead. Jedi has firm ideas of what she wants now and enjoys shopping for herself, so with birthday money pooled, and armed with £60, we headed into town for some retail therapy.

We looked at clothes first and Jedi found lots she liked but was very reluctant to part with her money! We went from shop to shop and I was quite disappointed with her lack of ability to spend!! She really ought to be commended for it, I know, but it just amazed me, that all that money wasn't burning a huge, hot hole in her pocket!

Anyway, after quite some time she settled on a new top, a shoulder bag and a rather nice butterfly necklace. We then popped down to Argos, we are quite limited on shops in our local town so Argos provides a convenient 'allsorts' kind of place. We had a quick look through the catalogue and she found an Mp3 player for just £14.99, so she also bought that.

We returned home with plenty of money still in Jedi's purse, which I am quite proud of, if it was her sister shopping it would have been gone almost immediately, and set about getting some music on Jedi's new Mp3 player. After spending ten minutes or so on my laptop she now has a variety of tunes to listen to, which vary from Fergie to Led Zeppelin, and for the last 24 hours she has been doing everything with her bag over her shoulder with the Mp3 player in it and has become destinctly deaf to the outside world! My brother bought her a rather cute craft kit with which you can design minature clothes and hand them on dinky little hangers, so between that and the Mp3 player she has been very quiet.

Isn't it cute?
On another note, out in the garden, my baby chickens are evidently now all grown up, as when I was cleaning out their house during a rare break in the weather, I found a tiny, but perfectly formed egg in the nest box! And this morning Jedi found another. I have finally decided that they are all girls, because surely if they have come into lay, it would be obvious by now if I had a cock out there! Hubby loves a few poached eggs when he is home at the weekends so this morning he tested them. I had to put both eggs in one poacher because they were so small! He reports that they were eggcellent, so we are looking forward to many more.
Poor things though, I think they may be turning into ducks, as their run is so muddy!! Their little dust bath hole, which they scratched out in the 'summer', has filled with water, and I swear I heard one quack earlier!

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