Monday, 22 September 2008

Raring to go!

Well I'm back, refreshed (kinda) and full of ideas!! We had a great weekend. I left an essay for the neighbour all about off colour chickens and pregnant rabbits! Hubby got home about lunchtime with the guy who's wedding we went to back in June, they work together. Said friend lives in Somerset so we agreed to give him a lift. I made them both bacon (from the baconry almost next door) and egg (from the garden) sandwichs and then we headed down to Somerset.

It was about half four when we got there and we headed straight for our old local. I made a few phone calls and got some of our old friends to meet us there and we sat in the garden in the sun and had a good old catch up. One of my best friends was there with her son. He's 18 months now and I so wish I could see more of him, he's growing up so fast and I'm missing it all! Her sister, also a close friend was there with her MASSIVE baby bump which must be holding the world's largest baby. She only has about three weeks to go and I will miss that too. It was so great to see everyone but it makes me realise what I am missing out on.

We then headed to our hotel, checked in and I put on my killer jeans which hubby approved of! Unfortunately the food at dinner left a little to be desired. I guess it's probably difficult to do specialised food like Greek in a small town. We had our wedding dinner at that restaraunt three years ago and I have to say it seems to have gone down hill. They are always busy and the English food is great, but I was disappointed with the standard of the Greek food that we had. Nevermind.

We then headed into town, caught up with more people and went to our old haunts. It was fab! I did get drunkety drunk drunk and when we got back to the hotel in the early hours I promptly fell straight to sleep. So hubby didn't get his much coveted Saturday night usual. When he's away all week you have to make up for it when you get the chance, but he had to wait 'til morning!

Sunday we headed over to hubby's grandparents place and spent most of the day there. His grandparents are very old now but really appreciate the visits. Grandad has had emphysema for many years now and really struggles. Our visits to see him are very important. And I know when the day comes Hubby is going to be a wreck.

After picking the kids up we headed home finally arriving back at half eight last night. As it was dark I didn't have the chance to check on the chickens or bunnies last night. This morning I find the rabbit hasn't had her babies yet, I still have a poorly chicken and the neighbours have cut the knee length grass!! I love my neighbours!!

Not sure what's up with the chicken. It's one of the ex-batts, and she has been miserable for a couple of days. Her poo is lurid green and I read somewhere this can be a sign of liver failure, so I think I have one of THOSE descisions to make. :(

The cut grass revealed a host of feathers and small animal body parts, obviously abandoned by the cats. I thought I'd better clear up the shrews and mice before the kids get home from school. After putting one shrew in the compost I went to pick up a mouse which it turns out must have been there for some time. I tried to pick up it's tail, but the fur came off!!! Yuk!! Disgusting. Note to self; use hutch cleaning scoop next time.

On another note, I had a flash of inspiration this morning and am now planning a new website which will hopefully be of interest to contractors like my husband all over the country. It's a secret at the moment though, so you'll all have to wait!!

Nice to be back :)


auntiegwen said...

Glad you had a good Saturday night and were drunkety drunk drunk.

I also had a beautiful Saturday night and at 1 point he suddenly stopped and said anxiously " You won't blog this, will you ?" !!!

Couldn't do much more for laughing !

Don said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. I have been reading your back posts and am enjoying getting to know you and your life! I hope your poor chicken makes a strong recovery

Adventure Mother said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Good luck with the website!