Thursday, 25 September 2008

Roll on Year 7

Bloody well slow down will you? I spent ages on here this afternoon, trying to catch up with you all, and what happens? I go to the local high school for the new intake evening and loads of you have been posting again!! How on earth am I meant to get anything done?

Had a good evening though. The high school is great, it gets some of the best results in the whole of the UK. Jedi loved it there and can't wait to go. She is really excited about all the new subjects. I don't know how she will ever choose her GCSEs, she wants to do everything!

She had more trouble with that damn boy again today. During P.E. he jumped on her back, knocking her to the floor and landing on top of her. She has handled it all remarkably well but I think it is really starting to get her down. I do hope my letter has made an impact in the review. That's four attacks in the four weeks they have been back at school. What must it be like for her, wondering what the hell is coming next? Going to see the head again tomorrow.

Hmmmm, just noticed that Google ads are advertising rabbits of the Rampant kind on my blog! Not quite what I expected and I'm not even allowed to click on it!! Nevermind.


Adventure Mother said...

Glad to hear the school are taking notice. Jedi seems to be very strong and coping well with this difficult situation.
Google Ads for Rabbits? The mind boggles? Obviously the rabbit theme links in with the chickens in your blog title!

Berthddu Suit said...

Hmmm just the wrong kind of rabbit!! Rampant ones are a little different!!

auntiegwen said...

I must say, I hear rabbit, I think rampant.

Apologies, I also lowered the tone at a McMillan coffee morning today, but I just couldn't help it !

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your daughter is having problems at school, it amazes me sometimes how much kids that bully get away with it.

I do hope she is not too unhappy, my daughter went through something similar last year in year 5, but now she is in year 6 and the child in question is in a different class things are better, and I have noticed a big difference in my daughters overall happiness.

Do go and see the head, this has to stop, what a worry for you :(