Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wow! And thank you

Little did I realise quite how much response I would get to joining in ABC Wednesday. I just thought it would be a bit of fun and a little challenge to come up with something interesting for each letter. I went through all kinds of H's, Harley (my cat), Husband, Happiness, Home, but they all seemed to be a bit 'easy' and not very imaginative. I wanted to do something intersting and hopefully informative. I appear to have achieved that with my Hogweed! I'm glad that I have raised a bit of awareness about the awful stuff.

Thanks to everyone who left comments, and to all that joined in with ABC Wednesday. The posts are so varied and intersting and come from all around the world. There are some lovely insights into other countries and cultures. Here are a couple of my favorites; Lots of Hs from around our Hostess' village. Some amazing shots taken in the Highlands of Scotland. Piccies from Jerusalem.

And this one, I will definately keep an eye on, all based around a lifeboat. I will be interested to see how each letter pans out;

Apologies to those I haven't got round to yet, I will try!

I am already planning next weeks letter - I- and have come up with something else that I like to shout about, and which may prove controversial, so watch this space!!

I would also like to thank those who have left kind comments on Jedi's Story part II. It has been quite a journey but with an amazing ending and she is very well now. She is still sensitive to cats but improving. I read that it is the cat's saliva on the fur, not the fur itself that causes the allergic reaction. I have seen this reaction occur when the cats have got TOO friendly with Jedi, and have been loving her a little too much! But for some reason Bengal cat saliva doesn't seem to be as bad as normal cat saliva. That is why, at great expense, we got Bengals.

I have also heard that bad colic in babies can be caused by difficult births, and can be relieved by visiting a Chiropractor! Jedi also had some pretty awful colic. So if anyone out there had a difficult birth and has a very miserable baby it is worth having a consultation, it could well bring some peace to your home!


Dina said...

Long live the blogging community!
Glad some new readers have discovered you through your hogweed. See? It's good for something. hehe
And thanks much for the honorable mention of Jerusalem Hills.
Cya again soon. Shalom.

Adventure Mother said...

mm.. Im very tempted by this Wednesday thing, but the addiction. How do you cope?

Adventure girl wanna be said...

This is so cool! I am a new blogger. We are both sags, have two daughters and I want to live in the country. Glad you did. I am going to read more about this: ABC wednesday and hope to join in:) I'll be back:)

mrsnesbitt said...

sorry I am so late...just been one of those weeks. I am SO PLEASED you are enjoying ABC is amazing to see the wealth of ideas which appear...and great to see people popping over to visit you too.

Thanks so much.