Saturday, 27 September 2008


Well what a disappointing start to my weekend. Trouble has had some friends over for a sleep over for her upcoming 9th birthday. It's her first proper sleep over here and it went well. Jedi chose the sensible option and spent the night with a friend! Anyway the girls went out to see the rabbits and Trouble came running back in to say that Butterfly had 'popped'! I asked her how she knew and she told me she could see them. Oh dear, that is definately not a good sign. If you can see them it means that she hasn't covered them properly and they will get too cold and die.

I am a bit annoyed to be honest, this is her sixth litter and she should by now know what she is doing!! She did leave one out once before but I managed to return it to the nest. The other thing is that she normally has them around eleven in the morning so I can be at hand. I even witnessed one of the last litter being born.

So I rush out quick to see if they are still warm. Luckily Butterfly is quite sensible about letting me look at her babies. There were three lying well out of the nest and they were all really cold. If you have never seen a new born bunny this is how they look.

Sorry, not really the kind of bunnies you wanted to see, but not many people get to see them like that!!

Anyway, right at the back of her box is a big pile of fur, and there is something moving in there, so fingers crossed there are one or two that have survived. If they have made it this far then they should be ok. Once Butterfly has got them this far she is a pretty good mum. Hopefully I will soon have pictures of live bunnies for you, but for a while she has to be left well alone.


Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Sorry to read your bunny loss, always sad, hopefully she will manage the ones that are left.
I was bullied for a time in junior school by a tall girl who would come up behind me and thump my back and wind me to the floor! One day my sister saw her and pushed her into a rose bush, she never bullied again, before that she would knock at home to play and when I would go home crying my Mum would tell me not to be a baby.
Many years later I went to fill my bosses car with fuel (audi quatro something or other) very big, fast and worth a lot, guess who was working behind the till of garage! The look said enough and of course I was suitably glammed up and felt the bees knees!
nough said,

Lehners in France said...

Arr that's so sad. Baby bunnies are so cute! We can't find anyone to take out "no nose" rabbit from us, so him and his G-P friend are going to have to travel back with us in the car, with three cats and a border! That shouls make for a fun journey. Good luck with the rest of the bunnies. Debs x Bon weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read you lost some kits, how many did she have? You have probably already done this but worth mentioning - put cold kits in your bra for 10 mins, sometimes works ;)

auntiegwen said...

I hope the bunnies make it x