Friday, 19 September 2008

A Change of Plans

Well the guy who invited us to go to Newcastle this weekend has pulled out. No idea why, probably fallen out with his wife or something!! Hmph! I was looking forward to being a grown up, spending time with adults and going out. I had even bought myself some killer black jeans which make my bum look great, and a new top. So hubby says, 'Lets just enjoy a peaceful weekend with no kids and get a takeaway'. Are you kidding? There is no way on earth I am staying in this weekend. So with a bit of quick thinking and a little luck I have changed our plans.

Dad came up today and took the kids back down to Somerset as planned. Hubby is working first thing in the morning and then should be back here about twelve. We are then also going to Somerset! We will go down to our old local and do some catching up, then we have a table booked at a fab Greek restaurant. Then it's into town for some more catching up and finally I have a 'superior double' booked at a really nice hotel. Sunday will be spent visiting hubby's elderly grandparents and a few others, then pick up the girls and off home. Not quite what I expected to be doing this weekend, but, boy am I going to enjoy it! I just hope I am able to enjoy my 'superior' room and not just crash out drunkety drunk drunk!!


Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Really sorry plans gone adrift, that usually happens to me. Hubby and boys going away to France over the first half of half term, friend from the north has booked flights for the weekend here, I hope she comes but think I wil either be ill or there will be a plane crisis and not comes.
Feel like stamping foot and scweem and scweem until I am sick - get the drift. Sometimes unplanned ideas are best, have a great weekend.

blogthatmama said...

Enjoy your weekend it sounds brilliant!

GoneBackSouth said...

Sounds like an ace weekend planned. Hope you enjoyed your killer jeans!

Adventure Mother said...

If your anything like me you'll "crash out drunkety drunk drunk!!"
It's lovely to have an evening to yourselves. If I go away for only one night without the children, it feels like I've been on holiday!

Shrinky said...

That's the attitude! Bet you had a brilliant time, what with those killer jeans, n'all.. grin

Everyone needs time away from the kids just once in a while, hope you've come back feeling fresh and topped up again, ready to plan the next getaway sometime soon.

Eve said...

I was just reading some of your previous entries, guess what child #3 and #4 both born at North Devon district hospital.....the world gets smaller