Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chicken Sexing

Okay this time i'm not just rambling, i need some advice please. Do any of you chicken people know how the hell I can sex my chickens. I keep thinking I know, then one of them looks totally different overnight! I'm estimating that they are around 16 - 17 weeks old. They are Heinz 57 variety so no feather sexing here. I am not about to squeeze their bums either, so please don't suggest vent sexing thank you!

The two that I thought were boys are the two black ones. They are slightly bigger than the others but I thought this was due to the other two being ill early on. They both also don't have such developed wattles as the others, although their combs are the same. One though, has changed his tail shape. It has become longer and less feathered. This chap is also the more dominant one of the group. I am guessing he's a cock.

This one, however looks exactly the same, wattles, comb and all, but has a much stumpier tail, like the others.

So am I just being hopeful, stupid, or is it just too early? I need to find new homes for the boys because J won't let me cook them. We may have found someone who will rehome one, but I need to know if I am giving away the right bird! I don't want to give up my layers! So any ideas gratefully received!


Greta said...

Hi hun - It can be a really difficult time when you are worrying about whether they are boys or girls. I would say tail shape is a deciding factor as is neck feathers - boys have longer, thinner feathers and the girls have more rounded feathers. Have a look at Cornelius on my blog (LS cockerel), his neck feathers are black and white so easier to spot. See if you can see what I mean. Greta xx

Berthddu Suit said...

Greta, Cornelius is stunning! What a handsome chap. I just had a look at their neck feathers and I am still undecided. I get what you are saying but I still can't decided if they are different or not. Doesn't make it easier that all but one are very dark! Guess i'll just have to be patient, cos i'm definately not bum squeezing. X

Little Veg Patch said...

Ooo I have no idea, never kept a cock before. I dont like the sound of bum squeezing either so im with you on that one. Good luck either way :D