Saturday, 5 July 2008

Religion and Acupressure!

Wow, what a morning already! I decided to have a lie in, as I can usually rely on the girls to feed the cat monsters and let the chicken babies out. So, after a much enjoyed doze, just as I decided, reluctantly, it was time to get up, J came up the stairs saying there were two people on the doorstep. This doesn't happen very often. We are in the middle of nowhere and we don't tend to get many random callers. But the Jehovahs Witnesses are a determind lot! I decided to hear them out. I am not at all religious, in fact I find most of the claims in the bible to be ludicrous, but each to their own. I respect others' needs for religion and believe in good morals.

I actually kept them on the doorstep for a good hour, fair play to them, they answered my questions, mostly with what they obviously believe to be fair answers. I was just puzzled with how, faced with the question; 'Who made God?', that 'He has just always been.' was a reasonable arguement to his existence. I doubt anything will ever make me 'believe' but I do find the whole concept quite interesting, and don't mind a sensible debate on the subject. As long as I teach my children to be strong, confident, independent and respectful of others I don't think I am going far wrong.

Returning to the subject of Hayfever, i have an update. After posting of my misery the other day I received an email from a man named Andrew Broch, who is an accupuncturist in Leeds. He offered to send me something called a Qu-chi band. The band fits on your elbow and puts a little pressure on the spot which is believed to help relieve hayfever.
I accepted Andrew's gracious offer and the band arrived this morning! I am wearing it as we speak, and although it feels a little strange, i do believe my eyes aren't quite so itchy as they were earlier today. I will continue to wear the band and let you all know how I get on.

As some of you may already know, my number one daughter J, suffers horribly from car sickness so I have also asked Andrew advice on this too. Something similar to the Qu-chi band would be an amazing solution and end a lot of 'sticky' situations!

The girls are off to the theatre with their Aunty tonight, OH is away, so I have a nice peaceful evening to myself. I wonder what I'll waffle I will come up with.............


david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia, hope your hayfever is under control.

blogthatmama said...

The Terminator (my son aged 9, first year of suffering) and Lurch (aged nearly 46 many years of suffering) are martyrs to hayfever, their eyes are swollen and they're sleeping v badly at the moment. I often work in Leeds so would love to hear how the bands work and if they make a difference. Loved the sports day post. Well done those girls! blogthatmamax

Lehners in France said...

I agree totally with your views on religion. I have no religion myself and am happy to be that way as no-one can pigeon hole me. It helped greatly when I was in Ireland as I could not be labelled. I like you believe morals and respect are more important. You must love living in Wales, I used to visit often when I was a child and loved the dramatic scenery. Debs x
P.S. Why did you call the rabbit tiger and not one of the bengals? ;-)

GoneBackSouth said...

Hi, keeping those good folk on the doorstep for over an hour must mean you really are interested! Religious faith is something I admit to being rather confused about myself.