Thursday, 3 July 2008

The joys of summer continued!

Okay, okay, i am now sorry i wished for the rain, i may have stopped sneezing quite so hard but this wetness is all getting a bit depressing. Yesterday was ridiculous, just as i decided it was time to go to town the skies opened. We've had a good drenching and today doesn't look much better. Last night when i spoke to my husband he said they'd had a beautiful day yesterday, but when i spoke to him again this morning he said the rain had come, sorry my apologies to Liverpool, it's all my fault. At least the neighbour's horse is getting some resbite from the flies that have been plagueing her relentlessly.

I lost the lead that connects my mobile to my laptop, so i haven't been able to put any new ones up. My phone takes quite good pics, and i always have it with me, so i use it a lot. At last the lead has turned up. So here's a couple of pics.

These are the youngsters, who all have interesting names, thanks to the kids; Far back; Vanilla (my favourite), in front of her is Eagle, right is Woody and front is Bumble. They are around 16 weeks, and we think the two black ones are both coqs so they will be looking for new homes. J won't allow them to go in the pot!

The other day when i let the ex-batts out, i thought i'd let one of the cats out too. Next door have chickens and the cats don't bother them anymore. I decided on Clay as he's the calmer of the two. At first he ignored them but then thought he'd have a stalk, the chickens had no concept of danger and completely ignored him. This is going to take some work if all chickens are to free range in the future!

Speaking of cats, this is H getting up close and personal with Blue one of our neighbours' horse. H is a bit nervous of Blue, but I caught C lying behind her playing with her tail the other day! She is a lovely old girl, with a wonderful calm and friendly nature.

She loves a carrot or apple and a bit of fuss, unfortunately she doesn't get as much attention as she should, so she loves it when the girls (A left, J right) come and give her some love. Here she is giving J a really good rub. When we first came A was very nervous around horses (or ponies for that matter) she wouldn't even feed her a bit of apple, but Blue has really helped her overcome it, she's a good 16hh but A is confident enough to go in the field and give her a brush, and she has learnt to gently push her away if she gets too close.

These pics, were taken a couple of days ago when we were lucky enough to catch 30 minutes of sunshine! I take it all back, it's July! Please bring back the sun!


Little Veg Patch said...

Ahh how lovely for your children to have a horse nearby to fuss over. It really does look beautiful where you live. I would love a Mr Hen, but not here the neighbours would kill me !!

Love the new look to your blog.

Berthddu Suit said...

Thanks for your comments little veg patch. It is really beautiful, even when it is raining! I had a few minutes so i thought i'd jazz my blog up a bit. Glad you approve!