Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Chickens and bungalows

So, Saturday afternoon, when I was being lazy and helping J with a computer game instead of doing the housework, S turns up unexpectedly, AGAIN! I had spoken to him on Friday and he told me he wouldn't be back for two weeks! Now S does like a tidy house, and wasn't much impressed with the pile of washing up I hadn't quite got round to, so I appeased him with a cup of coffee and two beautiful, tasty, poached eggs! Speaking of chickens, look at these two now, making out that they always liked eachother!

Saturday evening my sister took the girls to the theatre and kept them over night, so me and S had a peaceful night to ourselves. We had to go and get him some food, because, thinking he wasn't coming home, I hadn't bothered to buy him his 'man' food! Me and the girls eat a lot of pasta and rice, S is a meat and two veg man. While we were out we stopped off to look at a bungalow which might suit my parents. They have such a long list of criteria, but all of them quite important. They are not looking to move again, so the house has to be just right. They are both keen gardeners, dad has grown his own veg for years, but the garden can't be so big that they won't cope a few years down the line. My mum doesn't drive but is extremely independent, so the house musn't be too remote, or have an impossibly good bus service! The bungalow, unfortunately, was too far out of town, and would have meant mum would have quite a walk, up a hill, to get the shopping home.

It's hard looking for a house when you are so far away, we know, we did ourselves not long ago. They had a couple look at their house this weekend who were really interested, so I think they will end up renting up here for a bit until a suitable house comes up. At least that way they can see what's available and get used to the area a bit more. My dad, of course, was born and raised here, but my mum only knows the area from passing through when visiting relatives.

Anyway, as me and S cuddled up in bed quite late on Saturday night, my phone sounded to say I'd received a text message. I had left my phone in the bathroom and really couldn't be bothered to go and get it.

'Who's texting you this time of night?' asks S

'I don't know, can't tell from here' i replied, snuggling.

After the third reminder that I had a text message, i hauled myself out of bed.

'Damn it, forgot to put the chickens to bed too!' I say as I make my way to the bathroom.

'Perhaps it's them asking you to close the door!' says S from the cosy comfort of the bed.

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