Saturday, 12 July 2008

Published Poet!

Busy couple of days! Ian, ended up coming in for a cup of tea after all! He had some more drops to do in the area and decided to park up not far from the house for night. So I went down to fetch him and he came back to the house for tea (eggs, of course!) and a bath! The girls weren't here when he arrived, they were both out at friends houses, so it was a nice surprise to find him there when they got back. They got to stay up late too, so we could take him back to his lorry, Ashleigh Emma. Quite posh those cabs, excellent suspension, on board computers and even a cooker! How he fits in his bunk though, i'll never know, he's not exactly short! The girls enjoyed seeing the truck and enjoyed sitting in the cab, even though it was like climbing a mountain to get in it! Not a good picture i'm afraid, but here they are with Ashleigh Emma!

Yesterday I was brushing up on my Greek, I don't know a lot but I'm trying. It's a very difficult language to learn, quite complicated, but apparantly not as much as English. I have been practising typing in Greek and learn to spell properly and put the accents in the right place.

Γέια σου. Είμαι μάθηση Ελλίνικα!

I was going to post last night, but I had a little too much wine and couldn't think straight, so it's probably best that I didn't, who knows what I would have written.

Anyway, today I took the girls to the local pool for 'Aqua Splash'. It's not cheap but they love it. The have lots of floats and inflatables in the water and this huge inflatable assault course. It's well controlled and I can happily sit back and relax and watch them having fun. Here you can just see A coming down the slide.

When we got back i emptied the post box, it was full, and for a change there was lots of post for J. A postcard from Granny for both of the girls. Lots of long awaited sponsorship details from Greyhound Rescue Wales after, thanks to J, her school raised £150 for them at Easter! And the best yet; a Young Writers Award! J entered a poetry competition, along with the rest of her school, ( and today came the news that her poem had been one of the selected to be published this autumn! How exciting! This was J's Poem;


She walks three miles to find water,

Little food remains in the clan,

She is the youngest daughter,

Of a very worried man.

Then came the global warming,

The crops did not grow,

It came with no warning,

The hunger slowly began to show.

But one day a plane flew down,

They all let out a delighted cry,

Everyone wore an upside-down frown,

As they realised they weren't going to die.

Clever little sausage!

(I apologise for the weird spacing in my posts of late, for some reason it doesn't seem to want to let me put them where I would like!)

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The Dotterel said...

Absolutely! What a star! Make sure there's a great big book launch at a fancy venue.