Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thanks Eddie!

Okay, the rain has stopped and I can see blue sky. I still haven't sexed my chickens but I feel better anyway! I just had a phone call which lead to an unusual event that made me do silly things at the side of the road!

Where I used to live, I was surrounded by friends, they would often pop in for coffee, not a day went by without one friendly face or another and usually more, sitting round my kitchen table and talking rubbish. So being here, that is one thing I miss. Yes, I am making more friends, but none of them live 'just round the corner'. And for one of my old friends to pop in for coffee would be a 6 hour round trip. Hmmmm, just a little bit much.

So, when I receive the phone call from Ian, I get a little bit excited. Ian, who has been a family friend, since he dated my sister many moons ago, drives for Stobarts. Look, here he is taking a break!
He drove our lorry for us when we moved here and I haven't managed to catch up with him since. He rang to say he was passing but unfortunately didn't have time to stop. So I walked down to the end of the drive to wave him past. So there's me, stood at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with my leg out, being beeped at by a passing Stobart's lorry! I resisted the urge to flash my breasts, but the following cars must have wondered what the hell was going on. Nevermind, the odd but brief encounter has left me with a smile that will keep me going for a bit.
So thanks Eddie Stobart for sending one of my friends through the Welsh countryside to cheer up the strange folk that dwell there.


Little Veg Patch said...

Ha ha that made me laugh! Good job you didnt flash your bits, you could have caused Eddie Stobart's insurance to go up !!!


GoneBackSouth said...

The best thing about having friends is having them 'on tap'. They're still friends when they're far away, but it's just not the same as when they're near by.