Saturday, 26 July 2008

House Guests and Lawn Mowers!

Well, I don't seem to have solved my fly problem but it is comforting to know that it's not just my kitchen that seems to be attracting them!! No surprises this weekend, my husband really has got to work this weekend so he won't be turning up this time! But he will be back for the show next weekend.
We had a lovely day in the sun today, just pottering in the garden. The neighbours are doing lots of DIY at the moment and my girls love to go over and supervise! Keeps them out from under my feet! I actually managed to mow the lawns today, my God it took some doing! With all the rain we've had it was a real jungle. I kept telling myself it went with the wild borders and that it was a wildlife garden! The cats certainly enjoying hiding in the wilderness!

Anyway, I ended up borrowing the neighbours' petrol mower because my mower packed up in all the effort! So there I am happily mowing and emptying the grass box every two steps. After one of these emptying sessions I go back to start the mower again, mower starts fine but I realise I still have the pull cord in my hand and it's no longer attached to the mower! Oh! So good old Andy came over and we managed to put it back together and I finished my lawn. I must admit there is a certain satisfaction to seeing a nice neat lawn.

I have a very excited 10 year old at the moment, she's driving me bonkers! Her friend is coming up from Somerset on Monday to stay for a few days. S was her best friend and she hasn't seen her for about seven months so it's all a bit exciting! I'm not really sure what I have let myself in for but maybe it'll make for some interesting posts! We will be taking her back to Somerset on Thursday, so we'll drop in on my parents and check they are still in one piece!

I managed to get some photos off my digital camera onto my laptop at last the other day so here's a few older pics to finish;

The babies when we first had them.

The boys having a cuddle! Aaaaaw!

Never turn your back on a Bengal!!


Little Veg Patch said...

Your Bengals are gorgeous! I would love a cat but sadly cannot as my OH is allergic to cat fur. Or, I could just get rid of the OH....


Cowgirl said...

Hello from NZ - I came by way of Debs in France, we live on a small farm and live a similar lifestyle so really enjoyed your blog.

I want one of those GORGEOUS cats!!!! I have the Striped version, a spotted one would look great alongside!