Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Well! That'll teach me!

I really should have blogged sooner, but my mysterious husband turned up again on Saturday evening, after swearing on Friday, that he wouldn't be home this weekend! And not only that, he stayed three whole days!! Only heading back to Liverpool this evening. What a treat! Except that , again, I hadn't shopped for him on Friday and he didn't mow the lawn! It was lovely to have him around though. Anyway, because of this I have been completely distracted, so, please bear with me, this may just be a long post!

Saturday I had the great pleasure of entertaining my parents for just a brief time. They endured the three hour trek to have a look at a bungalow, not far from here, and dropped into see us before heading back. It's the first time my mum has been up to Wales since we moved so hadn't even seen the house! I went outside to meet them as they pulled up outside, only to be met with the most awful site when my mother stepped out of the car!! Now my mother is doing well for her age and is not unattractive, so it was nothing to do with that, but more to do with having a face that had done ten rounds with Tyson!! I kid you not, I have never seen anything like it, and my first reaction was, of course, to think she had been attacked!! But fear not, I don't need to send my husband and a few of his biker mates out looking for anyone, she had simply tripped!! Simply I say, if you call catching you toe on the kerb and throwing yourself in front of high speed traffic on the A39! (I think I may actually run out of exclamation marks but really, OMFG!!!!) Thankfully, my mum being quite spritely for her age, leapt to her feet as quick as she had fallen, and was narrowly missed by the first car that was approaching. Thank God, she did get up because it doesn't sound like he would have stopped! So anyway, smashing her face onto the tarmac has resulted in the most fantastic black eye, which I imagine will take weeks to fade away, and a fat, very bruised lip. In fact the whole right hand side of her face is bruised from her head to her chin. I just wish she would have warned me before just turning up like that!

They didn't stay long, but J had baked so they had coffee and cake and cookies. Had a tour of the house and met the chickens. Mum grew up with chickens so I though i'd ask her to help sex them, but we are still non plused. In fact, if anything, I'm now convinced that the two I thought were the girls are actually girls. How does Vanilla sound for a big handsome cock? Vanilla Ice maybe?

Moving on, after mum and dad had left I took the girls to the river for a walk. I am now convinced that the wonderful Qu-chi band is not so effective after all. But we did have a lovely walk and spotted herons, buzzards, swallows and some unidentified ducks. We also found a rather disgusting dead sheep which we would rather forget! The girls had a great time searching for unusual stones and attempting to skip smooth pebbles across the river. Until... A came along with her rather lopsided aim and managed to smack J straight in the face with a sizeable rock! Where did it hit her? Eyebrow and lip. For a while I was convinced she would wake up looking exactly like my mother, just on the other side of her face! After a few tears and a bit of shouting, I managed to convince J that it was a sympathy injury for Granny. I must say that she hasn't bruised too badly at all and, although it's been a bit sore, she looks fine now. I didn't get any photos this time, but this is from the last time the girls enjoyed the river;

Now, I hope you're still with me, 'cos I'm not done yet, oh no! The other day I though to myself that maybe I was beginning to bore you all, as I hadn't had many comments for a while! So imagine my surprise when I logged in today to find, not only comments, but awards and tags! How wonderful! My verbal diarrhorea is not so stinking after all! So a huge warm thanks to The Dotterel and Lehners in France for awarding me this;
Now the rules of this award are that I pass it on to seven of my favourite blogs. Now, i'm sure that some of my favourites are other's favs too, so some of you lucky things will get squillions of these awards and rightly so.
Right, the first of my awards goes to Little Brown Hens, because, not only, like me, she has a passion for the poor ex-battery hens, she has invaluable chickeny advice for me when I ask silly questions and she has become my first real blogging friend. Thank you Greta.
Next I would like to award A Mask to Hide Behind. I'm sure she is a favourite of many of you and if not, why the hell not? This chocolate box contains only nut varieties and will keep you entertained (or peeing your pants) on a daily basis. Thank you LJ for highlighting the bladder weakness that having kids gives you.
Thirdly I nominate The Lehners in France who tell us wonderful stories of relocating and a passion for a new language. So right back at ya!
Next is Norfolk Single Dad who tells us the story of raising a charming young man and totally underestimating himself.
Frog Blog by Frog in the Field is one of the first blogs I read and it led me on to a lot of you so for that I am grateful. Also our lives appear to similar so that's always comforting.
Jo Beaufoix has wonderful stories to tell of her two little angels Miss A and Miss M, who of course come out with the wonderful things that children do.
Last but by no means least I nominate Little Veg Patch who again has ex-batts and is experimenting with growing her own fruit and veg. Something I aspire to do but don't seem to be able to find motivation for.
This last nomination leads me nicely on to the final part of this post. Which hopefully you are still awake for!! Little Veg Patch has tagged me to supply six random snippets of information about myself.
Tag Rules:
Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on the blog. Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Ok, hmmmmm.
1. I was born in deepest, darkest Somerset but I absolutely abhor cider.
2. I also detest olives, much to the disgust of my Cypriot husband, who is convinced he will convert me to their evil ways.
3. I like to eat Frosties before I go to bed, but never at any other time!
4. I am a champion of the underdog, or so my dad tells me!
5. I would always have loved to be able to sing, but despite my Welsh roots, I sing like a pig with it's head stuck in a bucket.
6. I'm a biker chick at heart and have partied with Hell's Angels. (That shocked ya!!)
Phew, right, tagging, um well, seeing as how this post goes on forever I am tagging all of the people that I passed my award onto. Except for Little Veg Patch who tagged me in the first place! If you are still with me, thank you so much for your patience and thanks for continuing to read my blog. To anyone who didn't get a mention, I apologise, I love reading all of your blogs and I love being part of this community. Happy blogging to all!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, thanks for the award and the tag. I've done this one so I might do a silly version just for fun. Hope that's ok. My Dad says number 4 about me too, and number made me howl. :D

Berthddu Suit said...

Number ? Jo? I bet it was the singing one wasn't it!?

Little Veg Patch said...

Your poor mum and daughter, ouch sounds sore. Thank god your mum leapt to her feet in time, does not bare thinking about :O

Thanks for taking part in the tag, I used to drink with hells angels at a pub in Wood Green London many many moons ago, shhh dont tell my mum she would have heart failure!! And thankyou so much for the award, really chuffed with that xx
Trouble is I need to find 7 other blogs that dont already have it !

PS My singing is not much better :D

Lehners in France said...

Oh dear sorry about your mum, her face must look like my arse! I hope she heals well. Thanks for my award and the tag. I will give it some thought and post it ASAP. Debs x
P.S. I'm going to check out those Chuckie blogs

girl with the mask said...

Thank you!

Greta said...

Hello little mate!

Wow, thank you for the award and the kind words. You are an angel on earth!

I will be tagging later today (or tomorrow). Will have to think long and hard about sharing my innermost secrets with the world.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sorry about your mum's face and your poor daughter, ouch. Hope she's all better now.
And yes it was the singing one. My post will be up tonight. :D