Thursday, 3 July 2008

What is this stuff made of?

My kindly and generous neighbour gave the girls some 'Bath Confetti' the other day. Her girls are all grown up and no doubt use expensive products now. Last night when the girls had their bath they obviously thought it was time to use some. I guess you sprinkle it in the bath and it dissolves like bath salts, but not when you sprinkle it around the toilet! When i went to bed last night i had noticed that the bathroom was like a bomb site, as it usually is when these two have a bath, and that a bit of confetti had obviously escaped. Job for tomorrow, i had thought as i went to bed, to tired to contemplate starting the rescue misson.

So today i set about tackling the wreckage. I had underestimated the spillage! By the time i had cleared away all the disgarded clothes and other micellaneous items which appear periodically in my bathroom, i discovered it was everywhere, all around the toilet, in the tricky bit where the seat hinge is, and over pretty much all of the floor. And what happens when a damp cloth is used to clear this stuff up? It turns into slime, of course! Now my bathroom is pretty small (we plan to extend as soon as S has the energy and time) but it has never taken me so long to clean it! The more i cleaned, the more it spread! I have done it, now, but i swear that the bathroom has a slight blue tinge that wasn't there before. And how the hell am i supposed to get it out of my hair? My turn in the bath i guess, WITHOUT confetti.

That's one nice gift that might have to get lost along with the noisy things and nail varnish.

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Little Veg Patch said...

Not had the pleasure of dealing with that product before ;) Now MaryKate & Ashley eye lid glitter all over the bathroom floor I have! Mind you, id rather walk in that and have glittery toes than slimey ones!