Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Qu-Chi Band Review

The Qu-chi Band is a completely natural and drug free solution to the symptoms of hayfever. Developed by Andrew Broch, a hayfever sufferer himself, who is an acupunturist in Leeds. Qu-chi is the Chinese name given to the acupuncture point in your elbow crease. The English name, The Pool at the Bend, somehow just doesn't sound quite the same! So the Qu-chi band works by putting a little pressure on the Qu-chi with a small stud held in place by two bands, one of which fits around your arm above the elbow and the other below. Of course, because of it's nature, the band is suitable for children too, can be worn overnight, and may also help with other allergies which cause itchy eyes and a running nose. The band should NOT be worn during PREGNANCY.
Putting the band on is simple, getting it in the right place just takes a little practise. There is information printed on the packaging to help you position it. At first I found it a little uncomfortable, it felt like my sleeve was pulled up and I kept wanting to tug it down, but I have got used to it. I have skinny arms though, so someone larger than myself may find it a bit tight.

Sunday morning I was sneezing before I even opened my eyes, so when I got up I put the band on. Although we are nearing the end of the season and the weather has been ridiculously up and down, I do think the band has made a big difference. It appears to work within minutes of putting it on, my nose magically dries up and my itchy eyes are relieved. The first day I wore it, I took it off in the late afternoon because it was a little uncomfortable, but after going off in the car for half an hour, my eyes were itching terribly, so I put it back on and within minutes I felt much better. I think the real test will be next summer at the beginning of the next season, but from what I have experienced I think it will at least calm my symptoms if not completely remove them.

I don't know if this works for everyone but, although late in the season, I can definately say it has worked for me. I do suffer quite badly from hayfever, so I know what lengths we can go to for a bit of relief, so it has got to be worth a try. Thanks again to Andrew Broch for sending me the band to try out.



Greta said...

Hi Hun -

Still can't believe that this isn't the name of a boy band!!! Lovely of Andrew to send you it, bless him. I would like to say if Andrew has any old £20 notes lying around, feel free to send them on to me!!

Berthddu Suit said...

Lol Greta, maybe you should write to Louis Walsh and suggest it! I like the idea of the old £20s too, i'll have to ask him! X