Thursday, 3 July 2008

Sunshine, birds and apologies!

Now I know that I've been blabbing on quite a bit since i started blogging only a short time ago, but I just keep thinking of things I want to say, and as the sun finally made an appearance this afternoon I heard the now familiar and strangely almost threatening sound of a kite circling.

I'm not a huge bird person, although I do have a soft spot for birds of prey, and i'm now living smack bang in the middle of Red Kite country, which is wonderful. But it's not just the kites, there's the buzzards of course and my neighbour swears he saw one of those escaped eagles not far from the house. It's the little birds too. We have the great pleasure of a family of woodpeckers who visit daily, along with a host of other birds that previously living in a town, i haven't had the pleasure of seeing before.



Tree creepers

We even have Herons flying over the house sometimes! We have all the usual birds too, of course, House Martins, Finches and Tits of all shapes and sizes (I am still talking about the birds), and of course the Sparrows which sit on my satellite dish and disrubt the telly! Unfortunately though, the cats like the birds too, I'd rather they stuck to the mice, but I've had a robin at the bottom of the stairs, a baby nuthatch on the sofa and a blue tit flying round the lounge!

They all end up in the compost along with the vole I found on the patio this morning.


Little Veg Patch said...

Wow you have been busy today! We get buzzards here. I have witnessed them taking small birds out of one of our trees, there is no hiding place from these magnificent predators.
Nature is facinating if a little gruesome at times.

Blossomcottage said...

Found your blog through Tattie Weasle. We get lots of Buzzards here under the South Downs and I have even seen the odd Hobby, my friend Mags lives in the Chilterns but I am afraid the Kites there are becoming just a bit of a problem, I saw 10 circling over a semi detached house in Princes Risborough last time i went to see her, they deem to be making a bit of an impact on the smaller birds.

Hannah Velten said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog last week - sorry for the delay in reciprocating. Love woodpeckers - we've got them too - although they have the most unattractive call I know. Sounds like a demented parrot to me - screeching and carrying on. Also as a long term hayfever sufferer would love to know how the 'band' goes - would be lovely not to use medication.