Friday, 4 July 2008

Well how bloody amazing are my kids?

Today was the school sports day. With both of the girls running in 80m, 200m, obstacle type race, relay and both doing high jump also. J came first in all her races, except the obstacle one! She had a troublesome hoop which meant that she came in second. And she came first in her year group high jump! This is a massive acheivement for number one daughter who until recently was not very good at the physical stuff, she's much more academic.

Here she is taking an easy first in the 80m

A came third in all her races and got a second in the high jump. She has always been the more pysical of the two but struggles to concentrate on what she's doing! Something her recent school report reflects!

Here she is coming a very close third in the 80m

When I first saw these pictures, I picked up on something I hadn't noticed at the time. My girls' unusual running style! Both may be slightly unorthodox but totally different! Go on, have another look and you will see J almost leaning backwards and A determind to kick her own bum! Oh well, whatever works for you! It certainly worked for them and I am deservedly proud of both of them.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, they did fantastic. Miss E's (almost 8) sports day was rained off and ended up as team games indoors but they still had fun. Miss M (3) has her first ever Sport's Day on Monday so keep your fingers crossed for good weather for us. :D

GoneBackSouth said...

We had sports day and I was amazed at how athletic some of the older kids are. Often in the little ones' races they stopped just before the finish because they were afraid to run into the rope!

Little Veg Patch said...

Ah well done to your daughters, they did really well in their races :)